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With the rumored release of the new iPad 3 in March, I thought it was an excellent time to talk about how I utilize iPads on set during shoots. Like most lovers of Apple products, I liked the iPad immediately. It was certainly a fun toy, but when I started bringing it to set, I could really see the value of adding them to my regular rotation of equipment.

Depending on the location of any given shoot, my computer is often a good distance away from the actual shooting area. By setting up an iPad near my camera, I can see each shot as it is sent to the computer, without having to get up and view it on the computer screen.

It is also ideal for clients, who can view each shot easily as I work - no more crowding around the computer screen. Also, if an individual is in the shot (say, rolling out pie dough or stirring a pot of soup), I can set up the iPad where they can easily see it. That way, they don't have to leave the set or the product to view the images. It keeps shooting process photography incredibly efficient.

It's also wonderful for food stylists, who can hold the image in their hands to reference as they correct errors or alter the plate. Again, the shot is right in front of them - no running back and forth to glance at the computer screen.

I'm currently on a shoot where I'm using 4 iPads, placed in various spots around set. I love the convenience and ease they provide. Can't wait to see what the new iPads can do!

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